JJ's Bakery Egg Tart Review

By: Andy Lee

JJ's Bakery has produced a decent Portuguese style egg tart; better than most other American Asian bakeries it still faces stiff competition in the crowded 626 area and doesn't do much to stand out.

Today I had a few of them with a cup of Positively Tea's Scottish Breakfast at a lukewarm temperature. I have no doubt that they would be better fresh but considering that they're put in plastic pouches and left on a tray by the window I believe this is the most accurate representation of their quality.


The crust was quite nice, it had a good chew and the outside is nicely flaky. Unfortunately, for a Portuguese style egg tart it is severely lacking in terms of the layers of pastry in the crust. The dough comes together to resemble more of a puffy bread similar to that of a croissant than the many layers I would hope to see in an egg tart. Still though, it provides a nice base for the custard and does not collapse in the center as many less well constructed crusts tend to do. Overall, not perfect but not bad at all.


The custard is not too sweet and has a nice caramelization. I did take the time to pick out egg tarts which had particularly nice custards though as there is some major inconsistency in how caramelized the tops of the custards are. The custard has a nice pale interior that is firm and gives a nice bite. Unfortunately there isn't much of an egg taste and tastes more sweet than anything (though not overly so).


Overall, not a bad egg tart. JJ's remains a great place to get an egg tart if you don't want to wait for a freshly baked one.


Last Edited: 2019-03-23
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