PvP Bakery Egg Tarts

By: Andy Lee

If you ever need a reminder that Chinese food in Champaign has some severe deficiencies, I'd recommend visiting Mandarin Wok for their dim sum or PvP for their egg tarts. Sure, they aren't bad, they just aren't good.

The pastry is a puff style with a nice color. Visually the custard is quite lumpy which is somewhat off-putting.


The crust is a bit different from many others in that the layers in the pastry are quite distinct. This gives a slightly different visual flair to the pastry but unfortunately there are too few layers to look truly appealing. The pastry is not particularly flavored aside from a slight burnt taste but is not altogether unpleasant. It could stand to have a bit more chew as the pastry comes across as quite brittle.


The custard has a nice sweeteness but very little egg taste. The texture, as a visual inspection would suggest, is a little chunky. Not in the way that milk gone bad is chunky, but more in the way that a dough that hasn't quite been mixed all the way through is. The custard also doesn't provide enough substance for the pastry in my opinion with the pastry at times feeling unsupported by the custard. On the plus side, this does mean that the pastry doesn't feel soggy at all and is quite nice to pick up and eat.


The egg tart was served cold at the store which may have negatively impacted the quality. It is in a pastry warmer but that did little to help. Egg tarts at PvP are $1.99. They're good enough that where if you're really craving them and don't want to go off campus it's OK but if you're really looking for a good egg tart you might have better luck elsewhere.


Last Edited: 2019-03-31
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