FB MPK Egg Tarts

By: Andy Lee

For the record, I actually quite like Facebook's food even if many of the cafes are just upgraded college dining halls


Visually it does not evoke egg tarts in the slightest. If anything it looks like a quiche that caught the flu. There is some nice flakiness on the crust and some of it developed a very nice browning in the oven. This is largely inconsistent but the overall color is still a very pleasing golden brown.

The custard is not the worst I've seen. While it lacks the burnt flair of more the Macau style it isn't quite as pale and sickly as many others (see PvP egg tarts). There is a thin layer of congealed sugar on top that at least visually suggests they may have been sitting out for too long.


Thoroughly middling the pastry isn't particularly good but isn't bad either. It doesn't have much flavor but it does absorb the custard very nicely and brings much needed balance. There is not as much flakiness as the visual inspection would suggest and the pastry itself is quite soft. It really is very nice to bite into but at the same time is not what I look for in an egg tart. Altogether it does it's job admirably but doesn't do much otherwise.


This was the most perplexing part of the tart. There is a very strong lemon flavor to the custard that overwhelms every other flavor. So much so that I was certain I had misread the menu. If you try very hard you may be able to trick yourself into tasting an eggy flavor but it's otherwise absent. Similarly the custard is quite sugary but the lemon overshadows this. Again it's quite nice to eat but not quite an egg tart.


As is the case with much of the Chinese inspired food at MPK it's very good but is often quite different from what it purports to be. If it were being judged outside the context of being an egg tart no doubt I would be much more generous but as an egg tart it squarely fails.

It didn't cost me anything but the twenty minutes to walk over and grab them which admittedly is not a trip I would make again


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